Filter by Epic Name (or Fix Version)

I use the time tracking report to look at time estimated vs time spent on tasks, grouped by Epic. But I always receive the information for all Epics within the selected Projects. Is there a way to see the information only for a list of epics I define (and maybe even save as a dashboard)? So in the screenshot attached, I don't want to the the information on the epic "Cool App V2" - only the other ones. The second column (that says "Maturity" a lot, is the Fix Version Column - maybe I could filter by that?) Thanks for your help.

Step-by-step guide

1. You can create filter for list of epics using JQL in Issue Navigator like the following: "Epic name" in ("Direct Deposit Phase 2"), see screen.

2. Then choose saved filter in report configuration in Filter or Project option, and make it favourite.

And Sum Sub-Tasks report option enabled to have epic issues aggregated into epics.

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